Opcare Ireland

Opcare Ireland, formerly known as Ability Matters Ireland, is proud to bring you the best in prosthetic and orthotic care. Our professional and dedicated team can assist you to regain your independence and enjoy your normal and leisure activities. We are committed to bringing you the most in up-to-date prosthetic and orthotic technologies.

Opcare is part of the AM Healthcare Group.


Opcare Ireland works in partnership with the National Rehabilitation Hospital & HSE to deliver a complete range of Prosthetic Services through multiple centres located throughout Ireland.

The services we offer cover both upper and lower limb loss (or limb absence from birth) and utilise the most appropriate solution matched to the patient’s specific needs.


Working in partnership with National Rehabilitation Hospital & Health and Safety Executive to deliver a complete range of Orthotic Services at multiple centres located throughout Ireland.

We seek to offer the most appropriate solution to match the patient’s specific needs, to enhance their mobility and improve their quality of life.

About Us

Opcare Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AM Healthcare Group, an international healthcare company whose principal activity is to supply devices and services that enhance the lives of those who require them to improve their mobility and accessibility.

Working in partnership with the National Rehabilitation Hospital & HSE, Opcare Ireland delivers a complete range of prosthetic and orthotic services through clinics located within National Rehabilitation Hospital & HSE facilities throughout Ireland.

Our culture is shaped by our core company values, which drive what we do every day and help ensure that our patients are always at the centre of our thinking.

Patient-centred care

Users are at the heart of everything we do


Committed to cutting edge clinical solutions


Compassionate and seamless care from trained professionals

Clinic Locations

Opcare Ireland works in partnership with Consultants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Engineers and Managers in clinics located within HSE facilities throughout Ireland.

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