Opcare Ireland works in partnership with the National Rehabilitation Hospital & HSE to deliver a complete range of Prosthetic Services through multiple centres located throughout Ireland.

The services we offer cover both upper and lower limb loss (or limb absence from birth) and utilise the most appropriate solution matched to the patient’s specific needs.

We employ Clinicians, Technicians (who manufacture the artificial limbs) and Administrators in the centres where we operate and provide central support regarding Logistics, Human Resources and Quality Management. We work in partnership with National Rehabilitation Hospital & HSE Consultants, Managers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Nurses, Rehabilitation Engineers and Counsellors. Our excellence in, and commitment to this field is uniquely underlined by the fact that the founder and CEO of our parent company, AM Healthcare Group, Michael O’Byrne, who grew up in Ireland, is himself, by background, a Prosthetist.

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